Genesis Collection: A Great Nation

“I will make you into a great nation.” Genesis 12:2, NLT

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This design is vertically organized by the generations leading to the nation of Israel beginning from Abraham to Isaac, Jacob, and finally the twelve tribes. Each divided row in this design depicts the key events within the life of the man labeled in the gold box above and also provides the verses of what each graphic references to. It is a linear display of the promise God has kept and continues to keep with his people throughout the generations.

Genesis Collection: A Great Nation

 There are many morals that can be drawn from the generations of Abraham, but for this blog post I am going to write about the obedience of Abraham. If I was to sit (I’m actually standing right now) and write every single lesson that could be extracted from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, this blog post would become a research essay.

Abraham and his wife Sarah were too old and unable to have children. If you haven’t noticed yet, God doesn’t exactly care about the boundaries of the norm; Abraham was blessed with Isaac at 100 years of age. God had also promised Abraham that through him and his descendants “All the families on the earth will be blessed” (Genesis 12:3). Not only was Isaac the child God gave to Abraham after decades of not being able to have a son, but without Isaac there would be no lineage to carry on the blessing for all the families of the earth! You can only imagine how beloved Isaac was to his father Abraham.

God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering. (Yeah, I know. “...WHAT?”) God even requests Abraham to do so in Genesis 22 describing Isaac as the son “whom [Abraham] love[d] so much.” Despite the rather outrageous request of God (typical God) to test Abraham’s faith, Abraham doesn’t respond in a manner we would expect. Abraham does not question God; he simply obeys. Not only does he obey God, but he does it promptly as the Bible mentions that “the next morning Abraham got up early.”

[Spoiler alert/Fast forward: Abraham and Isaac go up a hill with everything they need to make a sacrifice. Isaac, not knowing that he is the sacrifice) keeps asking dad where the animal they’re sacrificing is (tragic). Abraham says, “The LORD will provide” and places his son on the altar to kill, heroically obedient. Right when Abraham picks up his knife to kill his son (Yes, he really was going to!) an angel stops Abraham and tells him he proved himself to “truly fear God” (Genesis 22:12). (*sigh of relief*)]

Abraham was asked to give away his most prized possession, a gift from God. It seemed like God was taking away the blessing He gave to Abraham and was breaking His promise. Still, Abraham did not question God, and he did not delay his obedience to God. Abraham remained faithful, and God stayed true to His promise by using  him to bless the entire world.

Reflect: Do you have enough faith in God to give away what you love the most if He asked you to?

"Delayed obedience is disobedience."


“Genesis” is the Greek word for “beginning,” and it marks the beginning of the Holy Bible as its first book. Likewise, the term Genesis also marks the beginning of Discipled Designs as its first collection and first impression of what is to come from this small business. While there is a vast amount of action taking place in just these first 50 chapters of the Bible, I narrowed down this collection to 5 designs by selecting the characters and events which spoke the greatest to me through the eyes of a designer and a disciple of Christ.

The Book of Genesis - Holistic Interpretation: God is faithful, and His promises endure even through our recklessness and countless acts of sin. (In case you saw the word “holistic” and said “Whaa-?”, a holistic interpretation is simply the “take away message” or summary of the book of Genesis.)

It’s exhilarating to use this blog as an opportunity to share with you a little about my passion and God’s word all in the same place! If you were able to gain some type of knowledge, insight, or have a thought you’d like to share after reading this, leave a comment down below! (You can also email me at if it is more of a personal matter you would like to share with me.)

God bless,
Sharon Mathew

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