Genesis Collection: Joseph

“You wanted to harm me, but God intended it all for good.” Genesis 50:20, NLT

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Joseph saw two visions as a child. In one he saw his eleven brothers’ bundles of grain bowing low before his, and in the other he saw the sun, moon, and eleven stars also bowing to him (Genesis 37:5-9). Joseph didn’t know it yet, but these dreams God gave to Joseph were promises in disguise. Joseph faced numerous difficulties in his life that were not outcomes of his own failure. From wanting to be dead by his brothers, sold into slavery, and going to jail for not sleeping with the queen of Egypt, Joseph somehow became the scapegoat of it all. These events may have seem unfortunate in Joseph's eyes, but they were the steps that led to Joseph’s blessing in God’s eyes. God saw the vengeful motives others had against Joseph and transformed it into something good.

The fifth and final design Joseph is another interpretive design in the Discipled Designs Genesis Collection representing God’s provision in the life of Joseph. The sun, moon, and 11 stars along with the 11 stalks of grain represent the two promising dreams Joseph dreamt, and the Egyptian headpiece represents God’s provision and fulfilled blessing in Joseph’s life. (Side note: Joseph was the most powerful man in all of Egypt after Pharaoh and was able to save all of Egypt from a famine. Had Joseph not been sent to slavery in Egypt or sent to jail innocently, he couldn’t have been able to save everyone!)

Reflect: God was with Joseph through every event that seemed like a trial in Joseph’s eyes, and He used the harmful intentions of others for good in Joseph’s life and all of Egypt! What are some things you see as a drawback or unfair to deal with in your life? In what ways could God be using these “difficulties” to bless you? 


“Genesis” is the Greek word for “beginning,” and it marks the beginning of the Holy Bible as its first book. Likewise, the term Genesis also marks the beginning of Discipled Designs as its first collection and first impression of what is to come from this small business. While there is a vast amount of action taking place in just these first 50 chapters of the Bible, I narrowed down this collection to 5 designs by selecting the characters and events which spoke the greatest to me through the eyes of a designer and a disciple of Christ.

The Book of Genesis - Holistic Interpretation: God is faithful, and His promises endure even through our recklessness and countless acts of sin. (In case you saw the word “holistic” and said “Whaa-?”, a holistic interpretation is simply the “take away message” or summary of the book of Genesis.)

It’s exhilarating to use this blog as an opportunity to share with you a little about my passion and God’s word all in the same place! If you were able to gain some type of knowledge, insight, or have a thought you’d like to share after reading this, leave a comment down below! (You can also email me at if it is more of a personal matter you would like to share with me.)

God bless, 
Sharon Mathew

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